A continuation of The Strategy and Planning Scrapbook

“Like K Hole but with utility and skin in the game.” – a nice man named Carl who emailed me once.


Strategy isn't a paint by numbers game– it’s a diagnosis and a directive on how to address it. The numbers are ours to plot and the paint comes later.

But to do our job –to plot a course– we have to be catalogues of knowledge; on research, frameworks, theories and the material from those who came before us. We have to do all this while simultaneously being fully immersed in the current world, the one where our audience’s reality exists. We are both monks and crusaders, chained to the library while being required to explore the world.

But the crusaders didn’t have the internet.


This newsletter is an attempt to collect relics, trinkets, mementos and inspiration from both the digital library and the digital world – and share them to make me and my fellow strategy crusaders better. Ideally with far less pillaging or violence than the actual crusaders.


  1. If you have scraps of your own that you’d like to share, I always appreciate it. you can email me at alex@stratscraps.com

  2. Please don’t sue me, I can’t afford it.