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I feel (as a PR practitioner) there is a big gap between 'do something cheap, dirty but will make me/my brand famous for 24 hours' - aka a low budget PR 'stunt' and what actual modern PR is, which can contain elements of the former, but is usually much broader and varied, and shares much common DNA with other marcoms disciplines, including research, insight, strategy and building brands and going on a journey in partnership and so on - it is certainly no longer built around going for cheap, quick wins with no real rhyme or reason.

The irony is that most decent PR agencies would reject a stand-alone brief for a 'cheap nasty stunt', for many of the same reasons you call out, and would aggressively challenge the brief and/or walk away from it. In an ideal world, it wouldn't be called a 'PR stunt' because it taints what PR really is.

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